Donald Rouser Jr


"You should fall because you fail to do the move, not because you fail to try the move."
― Andy Kirkpatrick

Move the camera, not the subject.

Born in to this era of innovation, I have been immersed around tools and tech my whole life. In dreams of being an Aeronautical Engineer, I found reality with a camera in my hands. Photography allowed me to refine the skills I had and produce new ones.

Express creativity and produce reality.

The hardest thing for a lot of people is to finish their ideas. Getting lost, hitting walls, almost like its gone dark. I not only bring a compass everywhere I go, I also know how to repair drywall and brought an extension cord for the lights.

Give 100%, 100% of the time. Even you only have 10%, give 100% of that.

Physical experience in management, photo production, post production, and graphic design make me a valuable asset in projects. 

 Check out my graduation portfolio from Minneapolis College!

Donald Rouser Jr
 Minneapolis, MN 
(612) 293-6406
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